Оказываем услуги вибрационной стабилизации остаточных напряжений мобильным оборудованием с компьютерной диагностикой и документированием процесса.

Truck mounted manipulator balanced MSP

Truck mounted manipulator balanced MSP 0Truck mounted manipulator balanced MSP 1

JSC MINETEK produces balanced pneumatic handhelds МСП - 250, 400, 500 with a carrying capacity of 250 kg, 400 kg and 500 kg respectively.
Manipulators are indispensable helpers in the factory economy.
Manipulators are designed to move piece cargo during loading-unloading, assembly, assembly, etc. work, including. for weighing. The pneumatic drive allows them to be used in fire and explosion hazardous areas, and the control system, built on the basis of elements of industrial pneumatic automation using the latest achievements in the field of membrane technology, is highly reliable and does not require the installation of special devices for air purification. At your request, manipulators can be equipped with various

gripping devices - mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum, magnetic, etc.
Manipulators produced by JSC "MINETEK" favorably differ from most analogues with the following features:
presence of a device for visual control of the mass of the cargo;
automatic continuous balancing of cargo in the entire range of load-carrying capacity;
the possibility of orientation of the load in any desired spatial position;
the possibility of using console extensions (increasing the service area).

The manipulator can be mounted on a rack, a movable portal or a bridge, and also be built into various technological equipment.
The produced manipulators can be structurally changed for specific operational requirements. Below is a general description of the manipulators.

A batch of manipulators, ready for shipment to a foreign customer.

Work of the manipulator. Types of load gripping devices

Testing the manipulator with a load gripper for moving plates up to 250 kg

The name of the main parameters and dimensionsМСП 250МСП 500
Compressed air supply pressure, MPafrom 0.45 to 0.63from 0.40 to 0.63
Nominal developed force at a supply pressure of compressed air not less than 0.45 MPa, kg250500
Number of degrees of mobility4
Maximum radius of service, m3,02,3
Minimum radius of service, m0,30,3
Vertical movement of load gripping device (load), m1,61,3
Pivoting of the manipulator body around the vertical axis of the pivoting device
with unlimited angle of rotation

Rotation of the gripper around the vertical axis
with unlimited angle of rotation

The force of rotation of the body of the manipulator around the vertical axis of the pivoting device, not more than, N100
Effort of moving a product weighing 250 kg in the radial direction, N, not more than100150
Maximum speed of vertical movement of the gripping device, m / s, no more than0,30,25
Adjusting the speed of the gripper movement
length (with extended boom), mm, not more than34803400
height (with raised boom), mm, not more than43004700
width, mm, not more than650650
Weight (without supporting structure), kg, no more than550600