Уважаемые господа! Рады сообщить вам, что с января 2020 года мы запускаем программу продажи нашей продукции в лизинг с процентной ставкой от 0,5 % годовых в рассрочку до 36 месяцев.

Mills for KZh-20 machines and their modifications

Mills for KZh-20 machines and their modifications 0

Our company has developed and manufactures new and overhauls mills for wheel milling machines KZh-20.

The design is protected by patents of Ukraine for invention.

A distinctive feature is that the carbide cutting inserts are located in the corresponding zones of the profile of the cutter knives from the condition of constant load when removing metal and ensuring minimal roughness of processing.

Shaped milling cutters (new) for machining profiles of rims of wheelsets on KZh-20 machines (right and left)

Mills after major repairs (replacement of profile knives, restoration of grooves, grinding of a cone and trunnions)

Stand for setting shaped milling cutters

The stand for the configuration of shaped milling cutters allows changing the knives and adjusting the carbide plates RNGX 1212MO in the conditions of the depot with an accuracy of ± 0,01mm.

Wheel processing with our milling cutters on KZh-20 machines

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