Mine Winches

Mine Winches 0

We make mine winches:

Shunting LM-71; LM-140;
Scraper LS-17, LS-30, LS-55;

Winch 1ЛГКНМ and 3 ЛП, ЛВУ-25 with a pusher ТГМ-4;

Winch tunneling series LEPP 5,10,16, 25, 45;

SHVA-18000х0.25 winch; 1LSHV-01; LV-45;

Winch LSM; LPT-55 winch
Winch mine auxiliary SHVA.

Scraper winches - 10LS2SMA, 11LSU2S, 17LS2SMA, 18.5 LSU2S, 30LSU2S, 55LSU2S.

Electric winch traction LTE - 1.
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