Оказываем услуги вибрационной стабилизации остаточных напряжений мобильным оборудованием с компьютерной диагностикой и документированием процесса.

Prospects for energy saving in the manufacture of parts of locomotives and wagons

Prospects for energy saving in the manufacture of parts of locomotives and wagons 0

Each of these methods has its own field of application. The most universal in application is vibration low-frequency resonant processing.

In foreign and domestic practice, vibration treatment is referred to the methods of artificial (deformation, forced) aging. This method, especially carried out in the resonance regime, can be classified (according to classification criteria, due to the relaxation and redistribution of residual stresses) to a special category of deformation aging.

Domestic and foreign experience of using this technology has more than fifty years of its progressive development. At the same time, at railway transport enterprises of Ukraine, in contrast to European ones, vibration methods of aging are not applied. The main reason is insufficient awareness of the processes taking place in detail under the influence of resonant dynamic oscillations, the lack of reliable and reliable control and the prejudice of production workers about the reduction in the safety factor of parts subjected to vibration aging.
Studies carried out by the authors show that vibroprocessing can be a reliable and effective means of improving the quality of nonrigid parts. And when using rational modes of vibroprocessing with the use of computer diagnostics of machined parts, it is possible to make this process controllable and to expand the potential possibilities of the process to such areas, the culling of the accuracy of the shape and dimensions, and the increase in structural strength.

All deformation methods (with rational effects on the part, as well as the natural aging method) reduce the residual stresses to only 15%, but significantly increase the degree of their stability, including due to redistribution of stresses.
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