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Cutting metal on automatic band saw

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We provide cutting metal cutting services with band saw

Cutting metal with a band saw is an efficient and easy method for machining metal workpieces. It is distinguished by its high productivity, its quality is drilled. All works are carried out on a band saw. His main constructive feature is the presence of a special saw, which gave him the name.

Cutting metal band saws more effective than traditional methods of

metal processing (mechanical shearing, disk cutting, gas-cutting



productivity of the tape saw machines is higher, and the material flow

is less, thanks to the small thickness of the cutting.

Advantages of cutting metal with a band saw

High processing speed of blanks
Superior smoothness of the cut
Saving material - the cutting width is 1.5 mm
Metal processing angle ± 60 °
Saw blanks of any type
The accuracy is 0.1-1.5 mm, the deviation from the vertical to 0.05 mm
Batch processing of billets
Lack of chips

Our company renders services of cutting metal on automatic tape saw.

The maximum size of the hire is 350 x 350 mm, the length is not limited.