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Battery locomotive ARP-10

Battery locomotive ARP-10 0

The ARP-10 electric locomotive is intended for transportation of trains of narrow-gauge underground carriages in the main haulage openings of mines that are hazardous in gas and dust, where mine-based electric locomotives are allowed to be used with increased reliability of the RP.P.

An electric locomotive is a two-axle locomotive with an individual frame suspension and two cabins. It is equipped with a mechanized hydraulic drive brake shoe and has a high specific energy of the battery, improved visibility of the path when moving in both directions, increased haulage performance.

Technical characteristics of ARP-10 electric locomotive

Track, mm600,900
Mass, t10,45; 10,8
Length mm5515
Height mm1510
Width, mm1060, 1360
Hard base, mm1200
Clearance, mm70
Hour mode settings
Traction engine power, kW26; 29,2
Traction force, kN12,5; 12,4
Speed km / h7,2; 7,9
Long mode options
Engine power, kW13; 15
Traction force, kN4,61; 4,5
Speed km / h10;11
Control systemCoreless with battery sectioning
Braking systemElectrodynamic shoe
Type of energy sourceRechargeable batteries