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Electric locomotive, contact K-14

Electric locomotive, contact K-14 0

The mine contact electric locomotive K-14 is a self-propelled traction device driven by electric motors that receive energy from an external power source through a contact network. It is intended for haulage of freight and passenger trains of trolleys for the main haulage mines, in which the operation of contact electric locomotives is permitted by current safety regulations.

The electric locomotive of the contact type K-14 is intended for transportation of compositions by underground mine workings of mines and mines with inclination to 0,005 and radii of rounding of rail ways not less than 12 m.

Track width, mm750/900
Clearance, mm90
Rigid base, mm
Traction force in time mode max, kN25
Min radius of curvature, m18
Speed of movement in time mode, km / h12,8
Power supply voltage, V250
Wheel diameter, mm680
Total drive power, kW2x45
Compressor output, l / min400
Working pressure of air in the pneumatic system, MPa0,45
Mass, t14
Overall dimensions (length by frame x width of the body x height from the head of the rail on the cockpit)5210х1350х1650