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Electric locomotive AM8D

Electric locomotive AM8D 0

Accumulator electric locomotives are intended for transportation of trains of trolleys on narrow-gauge underground railways in the main haulage openings of mines, hazardous for gas and dust, where the operation of electric locomotives in the mine version of the increased reliability of RP, P.

The AM8D electric locomotive is a two-axle locomotive with an individual frame suspension and with one cabin. The twin electric locomotive 2АМ8Д consists of two biaxial sections connected by a hinged flexible coupling with two cabs at the ends of the sections. The electric locomotives are equipped with a stopless control system with battery sectioning and an electrodynamic braking system. The energy source are batteries.

Technical characteristics of AM8D electric locomotive

Track, mm600,750,900
Mass, t8,05; 8,7
Length mm4550
Height mm1415
Width, mm1055, 1355
Hard base, mm1200
Clearance, mm100
Hour mode settings
Traction engine power, kW21 , 26
Traction force, kN12,1; 12,2
Speed km / h5,7; 6,8
Long mode options
Engine power, kW11,2; 13,4
Traction force, kN4,67; 4,61
Speed km / h8,2; 10
Control systemCoreless with battery sectioning
Braking systemElectrodynamic shoe
Type of energy sourceRechargeable batteries