Оказываем услуги вибрационной стабилизации остаточных напряжений мобильным оборудованием с компьютерной диагностикой и документированием процесса.

Hydrostation stations oil station design and manufacturing

Hydrostation stations oil station design and manufacturing 0
Design and manufacture of hydraulic stations

Our company offers the design and manufacture of hydroelectric power stations according to the technical task of the customer

A hydraulic station (hydraulic station, oil station) is a device that creates pressure and distributes the working fluid along the actuators at a certain rate. Hydraulic stations differ in the type of drive (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic), according to working pressure, equipment, etc.

Advantages of hydro plants:

- high efficiency at low energy costs
- compactness and mobility
- environmental friendliness and safety of use
- low noise level
- easy operation
- minimum time costs for maintenance and maintenance
- automation of complex technical processes.

These characteristics make the use of hydro plants an optimal solution for increasing the efficiency of your production.

Completion of hydropower plants

gear pump
by-pass valve
hydraulic tank
The oil level can be controlled through a special oil indicator
coupler mounted on the motor
Hydraulic power plant parameters

The maximum working pressure is from 1.5 (15) to 35 (350) MPa (bar),

V tank from 40 to 1000 liters.

Pump stations operate on mineral oil at temperatures from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C.
Pump supply at 1500 rpm. from 2.3 to 95.8 l / min.

The power plant can be equipped with the following components:

additional plates for solenoid valves and control equipment
pressure line filter
filter in the drain line
installation of heat exchanger with air or water cooling
oil level sensor installation
installation of heat exchanger with air or water cooling
temperature sensor installation
Hydrostations can have additional components, such as plates for regulating equipment and electromagnetic valves, filters used in the pressure and drain lines, heat exchangers with water and air cooling system, temperature sensors, oil level.

Our company offers reliable hydroelectric stations, characterized by high productivity and at the same time compactness. Such stations operate in a fairly wide temperature range (-20 ... + 70 ° C) on mineral oils