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Contact electric locomotive ZKRA-600

Contact electric locomotive ZKRA-600 0

The electric locomotive ZKRA-600 is designed for transporting trains through underground mines of mines and mines with a radius of curvature of rail tracks of at least 7 meters.

ZKRA-600 electric locomotive consists of the following components: drive, frame, cab, brake system, sand system, direct current electrical equipment.

The electric locomotive is made with one cabin. In the cockpit there is a controller, handwheel of the brake actuator, control cabinets of the circuit breaker and contactor, driver's seat, sand control handle, lighting switch.

In the frame of the locomotive are located actuators, starting resistance, brake and sand systems. The start of the locomotive, the regulation of the speed of movement is carried out with the help of a controller and starting resistances. The power of the lighting circuits is carried out through protective elements directly from the power circuit.

Weight, kg3300
Motor power, kW12х2=24
Speed km / h8
Track, mm600
Traction force, kN10
Length mm3015
Width, mm960
Height, mm1500
Wheel diameter in a circle riding, mm540
Clearance, mm70