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Roller spindles

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Our company designs and manufactures roller spindles for metallurgical rolling mills.

The design of the roller spindles has a number of innovations that provide a higher load capacity and durability compared to spindle gears and spindles on the inserts. This is achieved due to the following features:

The use of power transmission elements made in the form of barrel rollers installed between the hub and the holder of the spindle hinge in their semicylindrical grooves;

uniform distribution of loads on the rollers, regardless of the angle of skewing of the casing relative to the hub;

the location of the centers of the spindle hinges (central section of the roller belt) in the area of the blades of the rolling and gear rolls;

avoiding the formation of a false hinge in the connection of the blades of the rolling roll with the bushing and other positive factor created by the know-how;

the supply of hinges with hermetic centering devices, ensuring reliable lubrication retention.

The hinges ensure the constant angular velocity of the driven spindle element, cage or sleeve, which is an important factor in increasing the rolling accuracy at high speeds. Unlike conventional spindles on slide inserts and gear spindles, roller spindles are characterized by higher efficiency and quieter operation.