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Milling worm module 33 with replaceable cutting plates

Milling worm module 33 with replaceable cutting plates 0

Developed by the technical task of the customer, the coarse-grained M33 worm cutter with replaceable cutting inserts made of high-speed steel R6M5 or hard alloy meets the modern requirements of gear milling and has advantages over worm cutters with napaynymi cutting inserts.

Tool parametersОбозначениеВеличина
umber of teeth
angle of tooth profile
angle of helixλo6,09''
direction of helix
axial stepP x.o.104,275
initial diameterD307,5
number of entriesn1
front cornerɣe0

mass of the milling cutter 192 kg

We develop and manufacture any worm milling cutters from 10 modules and higher with interchangeable cutting including carbide inserts.