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В Японии и Германии создали новый жаропрочный сплав

В Японии и Германии создали новый жаропрочный сплав

The MoSiBTiC alloy mainly consists of three phases: Mo-rich Mo ss solid solution (Mo base with 2.5 at.% Ti and 1.9 at.% Si, crystal structure: bcc), which looks like a white contrast; an intermetallic compound of the type Mo 5 SiB 2, known as T 2 (crystal structure: D8 l), which looks gray; and carbide (Ti, Mo) C-type (crystal structure: NaCl-type), which looks like a black contrast. A large particle with a “1” mark reveals the dendritic nature of the particle as a result of its history of formation during solidification.

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