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Oil Cooler

Oil Cooler 0

The oil cooler is designed to cool the oil circulating in the lubrication system and to remove frictional heat generated during operation in the bearings.
The oil cooler consists of a body, a tube bundle, an inner lid, and an outer lid. The tube bundles of the oil cooler are assembled from tube plates and tubes. Along the tubes are installed partitions, which provides a multi-way transverse flow around the tubes with oil. Water flows inside the tubes along several courses.

The upper tube plate is sandwiched between the flange

housing and cover outer.

The outer cover has two nozzles for supply and discharge of cooling water and the inner cavity is divided by a partition. The inner tube is fixed to the lower tube board, which is located in the housing with some clearance, ensuring its freedom to move it under thermal elongations of the tube bundle.

There is an air outlet in the housing flange.
The oil inlet is located at the top and the oil outlet branch is at the bottom.