Оказываем услуги вибрационной стабилизации остаточных напряжений мобильным оборудованием с компьютерной диагностикой и документированием процесса.

Band conveyor

Band conveyor 0

Conveyor equipment is used to transport loose, lumpy and piece cargo.

Features of the proposed conveyors:

Using direct reduction of the rotation of the drive drum due to a rigid connection - electric motor - reducer - drum. Advantages: smooth running, reliability, small dimensions, tightness, maintainability.
The drum design provides a certain amount of ovality. Dignity: providing an equalized tension of the tape, excluding its drift.
The manufacturing technology and design of the rollers ensures their tightness and the absence of distortion of the bearing units.
Pluses: reliability, durability. Rollers are manufactured according to TUU 60.1-23113534.004-2002